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Information for employers and companies that employ or plan to employ international comers in South-Savo.

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Hiring a foreign employee is not much different than hiring a Finnish employee. The same laws and collective agreements apply to the employer when employing a foreigner.

What are the benefits of the project?

  • With the support of KATE project staff, it is possible to find a suitable foreign employee for companies in South-Savo more quickly. 
  • The project expert is in contact with companies and discuss with them their development needs, including internationality and labor demand.
  • The employer receives information on matters related to the hiring of a foreign employee as well as on possible employment benefits for the employer by the TE services.
  • If necessary, the job coach arranges culture information sessions and/or meetings to ensure that the new employee adjusts to the new work environment.
  • Each foreign employee has a personal job counselor, and can receive support before and / or at the beginning of the job.

Hiring a foreign employee

An essential starting point is an employee’s residence permit, which is determined by citizenship: citizens of EU and EEA countries can work in Finland without a residence permit. Citizens of other countries need an employed residence permit, which needs to be applied from the Finnish Immigration Service. The residence permit card indicates its period of validity and the work field of the employed.

More information on the website of the Finnish Immigration Services about residence permit and residence permit card.

The employer has the responsibility to ensure whether the employed needs or not the residence permit. A Finnish identity card, residence permit card or seasonal work certificate are official certificates. The residence permit card contains an indication of the employment sector and working hours. An employer can check the right to work of asylum seekers by asking directly from them. The employer can also order a certificate of the asylum seeker’s right to work (it is not mandatory). The employer must also keep the information on foreign workers and the grounds for their employment rights. In addition, the employer must provide foreign employees’ information to the TE Office as well as to the employees’ representative at the workplace.

More information: employer’s obligations and foreign employee

Hiring a light entrepreneur 

An entrepreneur can hire a light entrepreneur instead of hiring an employee. In this case, the individual working as a light entrepreneur is not on the company’s payroll. This is suitable both for paying for individual work as well as for more permanent work. Employing a light entrepreneur, a freelancer or self-employed person during busy times is easy: his/her work tasks are agreed, and after the work is done, the employer gets the invoice for paying the bill. If the work done is not satisfactory, there is no need to use the services of the light entrepreneur in the future; no probationary period or layoff is needed.

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