For the participant

Information for the participant in the KATE project

Any person with a foreign background (including second-generation immigrants) who is over 16 years old can be a participant in the KATE project. Asylum seekers are also eligible for participating as the participant does not need to have a residence permit. The participant does not have to be unemployed either, but can be looking for a new job or study opportunities.

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The KATE project is funded by the European Social Fund. Therefore, personal information is requested from each participant. The participant fills out a form when joining the project and when leaving the project. The information in the form is kept confidential.

The participant’s skills are evaluated by an online questionnaire and an interview; after that a personal plan will be created providing the necessary measures for achieving clear targets for working life.

Throughout the process, the participant receives advice, guidance and support from project staff on issues related to study and employment. The participant’s own motivation is an important factor for success in working life. The participant’s  progress is monitored through face-to-face, online or phone appointments, according to what fits him/her best. The project can also offer guidance and help to improve digital skills, if needed. 

The participant’s benefits from:

  • Support in the path to achieve employment
  • Trainings (working life certificates, job search coaching)
  • Visits to companies
  • Match-up events where business representatives and international comers meet and build networks
  • Business start-up advice