For the participant

Information for the participants in KATE

Every participant in KATE project will receive help and guidance according to their needs. The inner motivation of the participant is vital for the success of the guiding process. The process in KATE involves two stages which all the participants must complete.

Firstly, the formal and informal skills of the participant are mapped by the means of a web questionnaire and/or an interview. Then, together with a project worker, a personal plan is created for the participant. The aim for this plan is to guide the participant towards education, work or entrepreneurship.

Measures for the participants include

  • Studying counselling
  • Job search coaching
  • Educational courses and work related qualifications, specifically hygiene passport, occupational safety card, alcohol passport and hot work safety course
  • Entrepreneurship advice and support for setting up a business

Practical advice in job searching

  • Creating a CV and / or showcasing your skills by the means of various electronic tools
  • How to do well in a job interview (including self-marketing, presentation video, interaction skills)
  • How to find and apply for a job (including recruitment tools, private employment agencies, labor market situation in the region)
  • General support in working life (Finnish working practices and rules of the game)

Other measures to help you get contacts

  • In-person visits to local companies
  • Match-up events where business representatives and the KATE participants have opportunities to meet

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