Setting-up a business

Dreaming of starting a business? In that case, one should have the skills and the knowledge of the related business field. It would be good also to know the basics of financial management, marketing and pricing.

Starting a business usually requires making a business plan for applying for the funds. In the business plan the following should be included:

  • The business idea
  • Own (and possibly business partner’s) expertise and division of tasks
  • Products and services
  • Customers
  • The business sector, in particular the competition in that sector and its market size
  • Marketing
  • Risk analysis
  • Calculations (financial, profitability and sales calculations)

Please note that some activities in Finland require a permit or notification to the authorities before the business can be started. For example, in order to start a restaurant, e.g. notifications to the health inspector, to the rescue services, and to the building-regulation department are needed. 

The company start-up guide is available electronically in many languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Estonian, Chinese, French, Turkish, Somali and Kurdish. 

More information on starting a business on the infofinland website.

Light entrepreneurship

If entrepreneurship feels a way too challenging endeavour, then the so-called “light entrepreneurship” is an option to be considered. In light entrepreneurship, business is conducted through a billing service company and there is no need of a Business Id. The billing service company takes care of the necessary bureaucracy (such as taxes, insurance payments, payments’ reminders and, if necessary, debt collection on behalf of the light entrepreneur). At the same time, one is responsible for pricing the service (or the product), for the marketing, for the customers’ search, for doing the agreed work, and for providing information for the billing. The billing service company sends to customers an invoice and pays a salary to the light entrepreneur.

Light entrepreneurship is also a feasible option for asylum seekers. It requires the right to work in Finland as well as a tax card.

In KATE project, one has the opportunity to receive free advice and counselling on starting a business. 

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Facebook: Etelä-Savo Migrant Entrepreneur Network

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