Study path

The KATE project supports participants who want to study before heading to the labor market. With the help of project experts, it is possible to map the participants’ skills and support them in applying for training.

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Working life certificates 

The KATE project provides work life certificates to individuals with a foreign background free of charge. The project organizes these certificates in different languages ​​to make it easier for the participant to understand their purpose and content. The purpose of these working life certificates is to strengthen participants’ paths to working life.

Hygiene pass

The hygiene passport is a certificate which acknowledges competence in food hygiene. By law, if employees in their work handle unpacked and easily perishable foods, they need a hygiene passport.

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Occupational safety card

The occupational safety card acknowledges that the employee is competent in matters related to occupational safety.

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Through KATE project, participants can also achieve alcohol passport and hot work safety card.

  • Alcohol passport is a certificate of alcohol proficiency indicating knowledge of Alcohol Act and how it’s supervised.
  • A hot work safety card acknowledges that the worker and hot work permit grantor will have sufficient information of hot work safety. Hot work consists of, for example, working with fire and easily flammable materials (eg. welding and fireworks). 

Study opportunities in South-Savo

There are many study opportunities in the South-Savo region: language training, vocational training, higher education, as well as individual courses in many different fields of expertise.

The website supports the participant in planning his/her own studies. The site contains all the study opportunities in Finland.

Töissä.fi is a nationwide website for students of universities and universities of applied sciences, which contains information on the employment of university graduates and descriptions of their work written by the graduates themselves.


An apprenticeship is a fixed-term employment contract, in which an employer trains its employee – a new one or a current one. You can receive more information about the apprenticeship from KATE project staff.  For more information also check the website. 

Regional vocational schools are responsible for the apprentisceship’s practical arrangements.

Finnish language self-study material

Finnish language passport 

The aim of Finnish language passport is to encourage Finnish language learners to use Finnish more outside the classroom in daily situations such as in shops, restaurants, libraries and other places. 

Suomea ole hyvä!

This webpage includes finnish language study material developed by the Finnish Board of Education. 

Ymmärrä suomea

A reading comprehension course consisting of various topics and texts. At the end of the paragraphs, there are multiple-choice exercises that test reading comprehension. The course can be found here.

Suomi taskussa

Learn Finnish with videos! You can find the videos here.

Opiskele suomea

A study environment for the Finnish language, where the study material tells about migrants’ life. Learn Finnish on Moninet’s website.


Basic skills, everyday life and work in finnish language. Study material can be found here.

YLE website

Various study materials for independent study of Finnish language basic skills from Yle’s website.