Work path

The KATE project offers customized, personalized services and solutions towards working life. Together with the participant, KATE project staff assess and evaluate the need and the extent for these services, and on such basis, they promote the participant’s employment path.

For more information contact the KATE-project staff.

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Support for independent job search and working life

Where to look for jobs?

Vacancies can be found, for example:

  • In the TE Office website
  • In other recruitment websites
  • In companies’ websites
  • In newspapers

Vacancies are advertised in many places. Here you can find the most common job search engines.

Many recruitment and recruitment companies are looking for employees for companies. Here you can find a list of staff leasing companies and recruitment services.

Jobs are not necessarily advertised, but they can be found using your own networks and contacts, more specifically:

  • From acquaintances
  • By contacting companies or organizations directly
  • By contacting former employers or through internships
  • By submitting an open application to companies/organizations

Job search coaching

The KATE project offers participants job search coaching (both for individual participants and as a group). The job search coaching course is offered in basic finnish. Its main goal is to teach participants the practices and rules of the Finnish working life and to support participants’ ability to search for work by themselves. 

Job Search Coaching course include:

  • Creating a CV
  • Being able to show one’s own competence and skills
  • How to conduct a successful job interview
  • How to finding and applying for a job
  • finnish working life practices and rules of the game

Joining a trade union and/or an employment fund

Membership to a trade union or to the general unemployment fund is voluntary. Everyone receives support from KELA when they become unemployed. By joining an unemployment fund, you get a daily allowance which is proportionate to your salary, and which is higher than Kela’s support.

Trade union refers to an association of workers which represents and aims at securing a specific occupation or training. Trade unions help employees with work-related matters, such as work disputes. You can join a union if you have a valid employment contract. Trade union membership fees vary. Every union has an unemployment fund. More information here

You can join the unemployment fund without having a trade union membership. General Unemployment Insurance Fund (YTK): You can join if you have a valid employment relationship. Membership costs are paid either monthly or annually. More information on the YTK web pages.

Well-being at work

The employee has the right to work in a safe work environment. 

In the following websites you can find a variety information about well-being at work: