Otavia in Brief


Otavia is a City of Mikkeli-owned company that offers upper secondary school,  comprehensive school, and adult education courses. Otavia’s expertise is in remote teaching and online pedagogy, teaching culturally diverse groups, and adult education courses. Otavia provides education and training development services regionally, nationally, and globally.

Otavia’s Chief Executive Officer is Harri Jokinen.

Online Upper Secondary School for Adults

Otavia offers a remote upper secondary school degree programme for online adult students. Moreover, students can participate in individual subject online courses.

Online Comprehensive School for Adults

Adult students can also enroll in Otavia’s online comprehensive school. Like in our online upper secondary school, students can attend individual  subject online courses.

Comprehensive School for Adults at Otava Folk High School

On-campus studying possibilities are offered for students with immigrant backgrounds in the town of Otava and Mikkeli’s city center. There are three levels offered dependent on the student’s school history: literacy, lower, and upper comprehensive school.

Adult Education Courses for All

Otava Folk High School offers innovative adult education courses and programmes that are the trademark of the Folk High School system. These activities are held at our beautiful Otava campus near Mikkeli and online.

Our vision and strategy

Otavia is a bold  innovative partner in education development

Otavia is a municipally owned company by the City of Mikkeli that has its roots in the Otava Folk High School founded in 1892.  Since then, Otavia has grown into a pioneer in online learning. Some of our areas of expertise include online education, pedagogy as well as study guidance. We also produce material for our online courses.


Otavia’s vision and role is to be an international, fearlessly innovative and  whose operating culture inspires and supports people to believe in themselves and their potential. 


Our mission is a simple one: to serve students to achieve their educational goals. Our studies are tailormade and provide individual solutions rooted in the community. 

Studies at Otavia can happen on campus or remotely. Flexible and innovative pedagogical solutions are constantly developed and tested and are rooted in sustainable development.

Otavia has a collaborative team organization that strives to be on top of the latest developments in education. Nordic social equality based on a respectful dialogue and trust are some of the guiding principles of our learning community.

Development and research activities are implemented actively and continuously. They help shape our educational aims in relation to time and the operating environment. Otavia works in both national and international networks promoting open and genuine intercultural encounters.